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2016 - 2019

Bachelor of Mass Communication (Advertising and Public Relations) - QUT

Writing for large, diverse audiences is easier said than done. This degree gave me the skills to effectively communicate to a wide variety of audiences with a wide variety of mediums. It took me from the classroom to an internship at NewsCorp and a university exchange in Finland. From this degree, I am now experienced in social media strategies, media planning, speech writing, video editing, corporate writing, media releases, copywriting, SEO, and content writing.


Graduate Cerificate in Writing, Editing, and Publishing - UQ

This certificate not only helped to foster my passion for writing fiction, it also taught me many valuable skills around manuscript editing, novel structure, and advanced storytelling concepts.


Author of The River Bends



The river bends 3 (1)_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The River Bends

Dec 2021

Some rivers stripped me of my past and baptised me in flames. Others bundled me up, held me close and wiped away my pain

(Apologies, currently not available as my new book is in the pipeline. Keep an eye on this space!)

Notebook and Pen

250 Word Microfiction Challenge


First, we heard trees cracking in the distance. We slowly turned to each other.

“They shouldn’t be this far north yet.” William looked with dread.

The sun was momentarily blocked out. Then, we saw it. Higher than a great pine, teeth gnashing, looming over our truck. But it couldn’t see us…yet.

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