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I offer everything from basic grammar checks, all the way up to full structural reports.

All services are completely customisable and include a free initial consultation to best understand your needs.

Email me below to get started!

Plot feedback

Got a million-dollar idea but want some advice before you take the plunge? Get some feedback around character ideas, plot structure, and story ideas in your planning phase so that your story is the best it can be before you dive in!


Below 10k words starting from $100

Above 10k words starting from $300

Open Book


Been staring at a screen for 5 hours and can't remember if it should be your or you're?

A proofread/copy edit combs through your writing and picks up grammatical and spelling errors, checks scene structures, and checks for any consistency errors.

Price: $0.005/word

Open Book

Developmental Reports

An all-inclusive report that looks at pace, tone, voice, plot, and character. A bird's eye view of your work that helps identify the overall flow of the story.

Price: from $0.008/words 

Get in Touch!

Thanks for dropping a line! I'll be sure to respond as soon as possible!

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