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Notebook and Pen

250 Word Mircofiction Challenge


Genre: Action and/or Adventure

Action: telling a lie

Word: deliver

Title: The Winter Beast of the North

First, we heard trees cracking in the distance. We slowly turned to each other.

“They shouldn’t be this far north yet.” William looked with dread.

The sun disappeared. Then, we saw it. Higher than a great pine, teeth gnashing, looming over our truck. But it couldn’t see us…yet.

“Floor it!” I can’t remember who said it, but it was too late. It locked eyes and began charging

“We can’t get past it.”

“We need this delivery.” I urge. “It’s the last run before winter! We starve without it!” 

He looked behind us at our meagre arsenal of weapons. “Go!” He urged

“I’m sorry, what?! You’re mad!”

“Look, I know my way around this stuff.” Gesturing at the guns and homemade bombs. “I’ll be ok. Get the delivery back to base. I’ll meet you there.”

I knew that was a lie. But I nod and move across to the driver’s seat.

“Just stay alive until I come back,” I called over my shoulder, trying to hide my fear.

William jumped out and immediately threw 2 grenades at the beast and ran into the nearby forest; the beast in pursuit.

I floored it the second I had a gap.

I made it safely to base and began gearing up.

He’s all I’ve got in this godforsaken wasteland, I’ll be damned if he dies. I’m coming, brother. 

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