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So, you've finished your novel/ picture book/ poetry book/ writing project... congratulations! 

That is not an easy task.

And you're almost at the finish line. But you have looked at this manuscript approximately 40,000 times and can't tell your wheres from your whos from your whys. 

That is where an editor comes in!

You're already on this page, so you might as well keep going and have a look at all the awesome ways this editor (me) can help you out. Or, if you can't stand to read another word, drop me a line on the contact form and we can get right to business!

Notebook and Pen

Editing that is invisible

A good editor is one that cannot be seen in the book. They're job is to make it look like you absolutely nailed it in first draft!


Got any questions, queries, or cool animal facts?
Do not hesitate to get in touch!

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Thanks for dropping a line! I'll be sure to respond as soon as possible!

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